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browser_frame Use the beta of FormIt inside your web browser with no plugins required. Current supported browsers: Chrome and Firefox.

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ipadFrame Sketch your building designs in 3D anytime and any place inspiration strikes – on your iPad or Android tablet

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Model Editing in FormIt Web

Editing a model in FormIt for Web is super easy. The right-click menu pops up a radial selection of context sensitive functions that can be applied. In this video, I demonstrate how to use the typical tools like Move and Rotate. Array has gotten more robust with its ability to not only array shapes, but also edges and faces. Yes, edges and faces! And Scale has gotten an upgrade in its functionality with the ability to choose a base point from which to scale with handy new little grips and drag arrows. But what is really exciting are the new tools including Offset Face and Tilt Face, both super cool. Check out the video:

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