New updates for FormIt

We released new updates to FormIt yesterday. First, the Android version has a complete user interface overhaul with user-defined materials, multi-select, and other new features.

the iOS version has some bug fixes and a new feature which allows you to export OBJ files along with texture maps! You use the Send To menu, choose Export to OBJ and then a zip file will appear in your Autodesk 360 account with the OBJ, MTL and any relevant PNG textures.


And last, but surely not least, we have been incrementally updating the web beta with a lot of new functionality and a new look and feel.

FormIt Web Start up Screen

The new FormIt Web startup screen

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Autodesk University 2013

After a weekend of recuperation, I can now reflect a bit on the past week at Autodesk University. Overall, it was an exhausting yet rewarding few days. I had many conversations with people either learning about – or already passionate about – FormIt! I am amazed by the breadth of ideas for the future of the FormIt platform. Everything from private clouds for government charrettes to structural steel layout tools to construction pre-modeling! I came away from AU thinking of FormIt more as a platform and not just a collection of products. It is going to be an interesting year. Keep an eye out for many more classes on FormIt next year…


New version of FormIt available today!

After a ton of work by our wonderful development team spread out all over the globe, we have our biggest updates yet!  So here is what we have in the iOS update:

  • Complete overhaul of the user interface to fit the new iOS 7 look and feel.
  • Swipe to the left of the right screen edge to access object properties and the materials library.
  • The Building Program provides key design information used to provide a range of potential annual energy cost based on climate zone, building type, and target building area. See the Building Performance Analysis Group’s blog for more detail on this exciting new feature!
  • Draw more curvilinear forms with the spline tool.
  • Rotate the grid by tapping and holding on the grid.
  • Swipe on a thumbnail in the gallery to delete, duplicate or access sketch properties.
  • Share images of your work on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Print images of your work directly to AirPrint enabled printers.
  • Share FormIt sketches with others using AirDrop enabled iPads.

Note: iOS 7 is required for this update.

And our Android version has also been updated! We have added the material library – your most requested feature. Custom materials and many more updates are coming soon.

Watch our new slate of help videos in our Playlist:

All gussied up for iOS 7

Greetings FormIteers! The blog has been quiet of late (I really need to grow a new set of hands so I can blog and tweet WHILE getting a new version ready for release!) I am happy to announce we have submitted our new version to Apple and are eagerly awaiting approval. Here is a short video outlining some of thew new goodies.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the FormIt team! My friend and colleague Zach over at BuildZ hosts a parametric pumpkin contest every year. So why should all the Revit and Dynamo heads have all the fun? Here is my “entry.”

I also 3D printed the little bugger just for fun. If anyone is interested I will do a longer post about how I made the pumpkin and printed it.

Photo Oct 31, 3 39 57 PM

Introducing FormIt Web Beta!

This past June at the AIA conference in Denver we announced that we were working on a web-based version of FormIt. After a lot of work We are really psyched to launch our first beta of FormIt Web! Check out the video and more details after the break.

While FormIt Web does not have all of the features of the iOS version (yet) we still could not wait to get it out there and get your feedback. Here are some details:

  • Runs in the latest stable builds of Chrome and Firefox on Windows or Mac.
  • Modeling operations including: place primitives, extrude polygons, modify faces and edges, boolean operations
  • Import satellite images
  • Metric or Imperial units
  • Apply default materials
  • Opens and saves FormIt sketches created on iOS or Android by logging into your Autodesk 360 account.
  • We also just released minor updates to the iOS and Android FormIt to support reloading sketches that have been saved from the web (and between the two mobile platforms)
  • We want your feedback! Please post your issues, ideas, and questions on our support site.

Two for the price of one

We have been pretty quiet on this blog and Twitter lately. Hopefully you can understand why. We just released not one but two versions of FormIt this week. We have just released the first version of FormIt for the Android platform AND we have a new version for iOS with some great new features:

  • Copy a single object with two finger drag
  • Copy many objects with the Array tool
  • Tap on dimensions to edit them
  • Floor area is now calculated by Level datums
  • Select multiple objects with a lasso tool
  • Improved smoothing for curved surfaces for OBJ and SAT imports

New mobile updates

Two items on this hot and sticky July day here in Boston. First, we have an update for FormIt available on the App Store. We had a few annoying bugs that we could not squash before the last update. We fixed those and added a couple features. Browsing for images now uses the standard Album view. You can also select a face and view the area of that face with the Property Panel. That one was requested by multiple users at the AIA conference last month.

I saved the best for last. Support for the Android platform has been our número UNO request since the day we launched FormIt last year. While not ready for prime time yet, the team has been working very hard and making great progress. Most of the core modeling features are in place and performance greatly improved. I was able to borrow a Nexus 7 and have been playing around on it for the past couple of days. I was not so sure about the seven inch form factor, but I am converted! FormIt works beautifully on the seven inch form factor – and the Nexus 7 feels really nice in my hand.